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Role: Records all proceedings of the Community Association.

  1. Record and preserve the minutes of Board, Annual and Special meetings of the Association.
  2. Type up and distribute minutes of the meetings to all the Board members and Community Consultant.
  3. Minutes will be distributed 10 days after the meeting and will be emailed or delivered to each Executive member.
  4. Make notification of next meeting to all Executive members (by phone, written announcement or minutes of previous meeting).
  5. Keep and maintain attendance record of Executive.
  6. Maintain an up-to-date file of all minutes to be kept in the Community Association office.
  7. Assist with agenda preparation as required.
  8. Watch for and encourage new individuals to Volunteer for the Community Association.

Time Commitment: Light
  • attend monthly Executive meetings
  • type minutes as per approved format
  • distribute minutes in a timely fashion
  • assist on committees
  • Minute taking
  • Word processing
  • Typing
  • Coordination
  • Administration
  • Commitment

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